Butter Notes
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About Butter Notes


My Name is David. If you have any feedback, ideas, or found any mistakes, please contact me at [email protected].

I don't work with any particular company, as I'm stictly an inpendent programmer and contractor. If you would like to hire me to help with your project, feel free to contact me at .

Twitter: @ButternotesWeb

Facebook: butternotes

Tech and Approach

Butter Notes is written in Clojure. The scales are generated on the fly. The system generates MusicXML and feeds it into abcweb, which renders SVG music sheet. The sound is generated by Wad.

The sheet music code generation is based off the concepts I've written about in {:Code Redux}.

Butternotes is now open source! See the GitHub here.

Short FAQ

I want to submit myself for your review pages!

You are more than welcome to do so, but....

The point of that section is to only do positive reviews, meaning I will only talk about music I enjoy, so it's not personal if I never do review your work. I'll write back letting you know I have the submission; please don't do follow-up emails.

Are you going to do tabs?

No. You can read the article on why Here.

What is the point?


The ultimate goal is to do sheet music generation. ie: You can play your instrument into the system and it will generate sheet music. I'm not sure how possible it will be, but hey, it's a goal.

The site looks terrible. My professional design company...

Sorry, the budget for this project is currently my time and hosting fees.

If you are someone looking for something to build up his or her portfolio, then by all means, submit a pull request at the github.