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How Advertising Works

The images ads found on the upper left corner are served from this site. The ads are rotated, at random.

The Numbers:

In June 2017, Butter Notes recieved nearly 26,807 page views. It was unusual because one article went viral. July 2017 on track to have 3,000+ pageviews with 1,000 visitors.

Ad Standards:

Images should be 285px × 50px in PNG format.

All user-tracking, outside affiliate codes, is strictly forbidden.

Advertising Plans:

Ads are 10c per impression, with a minimal order of $100. All orders should be even money, ie, $101, not $100.10.

Affilate links are welcome, however, the affiliate percentage is not allowed to replace or go against the base impression fee.

Ads do not show up in the store area or in any area that users log in.

Order an Ad:

To order an ad, please contact me at [email protected]

Please include an image of your ad with the URL you would like to link to. After approval, I will contact you and set your account up.